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Assistant Managers

Assistant Managers

Helping Assistant Managers Improperly Classified as Exempt Recover Wages Owed to Them

California Assistant Store Managers and Restaurant Assistant Managers working on salary over 40 hours a week, who also perform non-exempt duties, are entitled to overtime pay. Federal law mandates overtime pay for retail and restaurant workers for performing non-exempt work. 

If you are an Assistant Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Co-Manager, Assistant Retail Manager, or are in a similar assistant manager job position and do not get paid for working overtime, you may be owed overtime back pay for being wrongfully misclassified as an exempt employee. 

Many major US retailers have misclassified assistant managers as exempt. If you are a current or former assistant manager at a retail outlet, such as Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Rite-Aid, Target or dozens of other major retailers, you may be owed back pay for being wrongfully misclassified as an exempt employee.