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Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

Helping Employees Who Have Been Treated Inappropriately In The Workplace

While the number of women who have entered the nation’s workforce is ever increasing, women are still too often the subject of harassment and degradation in the workplace. Women deserve and, indeed, have a right to be free of sexual harassment at their workplace. Women have a right to be judged by the quality of their work and their character.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment can take many forms, some of which are quite subtle. This gives firms room to claim that they aren't guilty of sexual harassment even when the actions of certain employees or executives have made miserable the lives of others.

  • Some commonly seen forms of sexual harassment include:
  • Quid pro quo harassment; a superior offering promotions, raises or other work considerations in exchange for sexual favors. It sometimes takes the form of sexual extortion, where a superior blackmails an employee with threats to his or her job.
  • Hostile work environments, where the issue is not a specific act or moment but instead a larger organizational culture

Hostile work environment cases are often complicated, as organizations will attempt to argue that their culture is "raucous" or "free-wheeling" instead of hostile. Fortunately, The Cochran Firm's employment lawyers know that lewd behavior or unwanted sexual advances, even when not coupled with threats or inducements, are unacceptable.

If you believe that you have been the victim of sexual harassment or a hostile work environment, contact Dejban Law either electronically or by phone so that we can determine if you have a case and if we can represent you.