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Unsafe Streets and Highways

Unsafe Streets And Highways

Helping Those Injured Because Of An Unsafe or Defective Street Or Highway

While driver negligence is often to blame in motor vehicle accidents, poorly designed roadways can also play a role. A surprising number of motor vehicle accidents are caused by hazardous road conditions or poorly designed freeways and bridges. Yet this is not always reflected in accident statistics.

The true cause of a motor vehicle crash may not always be apparent to investigating officers, especially when the crash was caused by a defect in the road, the design of the road, or the maintenance of that road. It often takes a detailed investigation led by forensic experts, engineers, and specialists to find the true causes of the crash—especially when defective highway design is to blame.

Defective Highway Design Accidents

Poorly designed, faultily constructed, or negligently maintained roads can lead to:

  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Bicycling accidents
  • Bus accidents
  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Truck accidents

Unsafe conditions that are often a focus of defective highway design lawsuits include:

  • Improperly placed barriers
  • Dangerous exit ramps
  • Lack of guard rails
  • Lack of median barrier
  • Improperly designated or designed construction zones
  • Failure to maintain roadway
  • Failure to comply with state and federal regulations
  • Potholes & other unsafe pavement conditions
  • Unsafe bridges or overpasses
  • Unsafe railroad crossings
  • Pooling water
  • Improper lane marking
  • No shoulder
  • Defective traffic lights
  • Excessive ice accumulation
  • Poor visibility
  • Dangerous intersections
  • Excessive drop-offs
  • Hazardous curves
  • Treacherous inclines or declines
  • Inadequate signage

If you suspect faulty road design or construction played a role in your motor vehicle accident, contact Dejban Law either electronically or by phone so that we can determine if you have a case and if we can represent you.