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Sunbeam Hit with $59.3 Million Products Liability Verdict in California

At the conclusion of an eight-day trial, a federal jury in California returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiffs in a products liability case against Sunbeam Products Inc. for damages stemming from a defective product. The suit alleges that Sunbeam negligently designed a space heater that sparked a fire, killing Amy Shinedling. The deceased individual’s husband and three daughters brought the suit against Sunbeam. The plaintiffs claim that Sunbeam’s Holmes brand heater posed a substantial danger that ordinary consumers would not be cognizant of and that a reasonable manufacturer would have provided more notice of.

In a product liability suit, manufacturers may be held liable for defects in the manufacture or design of its products that causes injuries while the product is being used reasonably. This strict liability rule ensures that people who are injured as a result of product defects can obtain compensation from manufacturers that put such products on the market instead of the injured victims who do not have the ability to protect themselves.

There are usually three kinds of defects that may support a product liability claim:

·      Manufacturing defects: These defects take place when a particular product is made and is likely caused by substandard materials or careless manufacturing techniques.

·      Design defects: These defects do not just arise in a single product – they affect an entire product line because of a flawed and dangerous design. The manner and materials used in manufacturing the product are usually irrelevant to a design defect allegation.

·      Marketing defects: These usually stem from a lack of notice to customers on the potential dangers of the product or how to properly use it.

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