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After nearly 10 years of practicing at one of the nation’s largest plaintiff only firms, Bahar Dejban has opened her own firm.  During her years of practice, Bahar has overseen and managed thousands of cases which include major pharmaceutical mass torts, including everything from Vioxx to Hormone Replacement Therapy, to various medical devices such as hip and knee replacements.  She has also handled mass disaster such as thousands of cases involving Hurricane Katrina and oil refinery fires, personal injury cases, and employment matters – from individual discrimination cases to wage and hour class actions.

Bahar brings her broad experience in the law and management in order to serve individual clients who have been wronged by powerful corporations.  “I have enjoyed representing people from all walks of life.  Hearing their stories, and helping them right wrongs has been among the most gratifying things I have done. 

From the outset, Bahar has had a passion for her clients and for helping them navigate through an ever changing and complex legal landscape.  “I want to continue doing representing individuals one client at a time.”

Bardia Dejban